Sunday, March 20, 2005

Scratch Golfer is a Paraplegic

Quite by chance yesterday I came across the name Anthony Netto. This South African golfer instantly became a hero of mine because he is a paraplegic and he plays golf to a scratch handicap - off the normal tees that you and I play off.

How does he do it?

Answer; he was a touring pro before an accident led to his paraplegia. Now he has developed a golf cart that carries him round the course. When he arrives at his ball, the seat of his cart swivels round so that he can address the ball sideways on like the rest of us. But then, you better believe this, the machine stands him up so that he can address the ball just like the rest of us.

Anthony lives and works in Germany so a lot to the information about him is in German, but it's worth visiting the ek-press web site just to see the pictures of this remarkable machine.

You can learn more about Anthony at the Globegolfer web site.

Inspired by Anthony Netto's story I am today building a section on disabled golf on my web site at

Your comments and suggestions on the subject of this blog will be most welcome.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

The Science of Winning at Golf

'The Science of Winning' is my way of providing you with regular reminders of all the things you should be doing to keep your game up to scratch.

This free coaching comes directly to your e-mail letter box at regular intervals you as part of The Academy of Winning.

As soon as you have completed our free coaching on 'The Five Fundamentals of Winning at Golf' you should keep up your progress with 'The Science of Winning'.

This is the only golf coaching system which is devoted solely to helping you to win every time you go out to play.

It is also the only golf coaching system specifically designed for the senior golfer.

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Golf Like a Pro

We are pleased to announce that Michael Hamiltons superb e-book Golf Like a Pro is now available from our web site on the Golf Swing Instruction page.

Golf like a Pro is packed with Real Golf Swing Instruction Tips For REAL Golfers. Practical Tips You Can Use TODAY to Lower Your Score! Guaranteed To Improve Your Game.

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Incredible Golf Balls Revealed

We are pleased to announce that Kenny Lauer's very revealing golf e-book Incredible Golf Balls Revealed is now on our web site on the Golf Swing Instruction page.

This golf swing instruction book reveals the secrets of the Missing Link for most golf players. Many older golfers seem to have particularly benefitted from it.

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Lower Your Handicap by 30%

We are pleased to announce that Sean Harder's excellent e-book Lower Your Handicap by 30% is now available from the Winning-Seniors Golf web site.

This book will quickly teach you how to score better with your existing swing for about the price of a sleeve of golf balls.

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How to Shoot in the 70's

We are please to announce that From the Ground Up - How to Shoot in the 70's is now available from our web site.

This revolutionary new golf method works on the premise of teaching the Key Elements in the proper order.

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Destroy Your Golf Slice in Minutes

We are pleased to announce that Dave Moore's invaluable e-book The Dave Way is now available from our web site at Golf Swing Instruction.

Let Dave show you how to Destroy your Golf Slice in a matter of Minutes using this Revolutionary New System! Success Guaranteed.

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Pay Golf Free and Get Paid!

We now have Ken Hammond's excellent e-book
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Develop a Repeatable and Consistent Golf Swing

We now have The Golf Guru, David Novogt'sThe Simple Golf Swing! instruction eBook available from our web site at Golf Swing Instruction.

The Simple Golf Swing is a great way to develop a repeatable and Simple Golf Swing that provides power, accuracy and consistency.

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New Fitness System Adds Yards to Your Drives

This is about Mike Pedersen's superb Golf Fitness Guide. The Guide is packed with easy golf swing instruction tips and techniques to quickly transform your game and add 20 yards to your drives!

The Golf Fitness Guide tells the amazing story of "71 Year Old Golfer With A Busted Up Shoulder Wins Major Championship With Pro Secrets Stolen From Killer Golf Guide".

It's a riveting read, but more than that it's packed with ways to help you add yards to your drives and improve your accuracy.

Have a look at all the info. at Golf Fitness Guide and let me know what you think.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

This new club is a winner

Last night I took my new the Synchron Medic from Pinemeadow Golf down to the golf range for the first time. This little iron/wood hybrid looks good, it feels good and by golly it goes.

I bought my Synchron Medic from Pinemeadow Golf. It is a clone of the Nike CPR iron/wood.

It gives me about the same distance as a 4/5 iron, BUT it is MUCH easier to use. I think that a lot of this is due to the fact that the shaft is shorter and the clubhead heavier. The net result is that you are standing closer to the ball at address and you can swing with the whole of your bodyweight behind the ball.

I would value comments from anyone else who has experience with these clubs.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Play golf in The Zone

I just posted a great new article about how to play golf in the Zone on my web site at The Zone.

This has been written by an expert in using The Alexander Technique to get yourself into The Zone.

Play in The Zone and you're scores will surely come down. All the best players attribute their great successes to being in The Zone.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Useful information for golfers interested in winning

The Academy of Winning

I am pleased to announce the launch of The Academy of Winning.

The purpose of The Academy of Winning is to provide all golfers, but particularly senior golfers with loads of information which will help them to become serial winners. To be golfers that win just about every time they step out onto the golf course.

The Academy of Winning is free for any golfer who visits the Winning Seniors Golf web site. All you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address and your first lessons will be e-mailed to you within a few minutes.

When you join The Academy of Winning you will receive The Five Fundamentals of Winning at Golf, and you will also be able to gain the added bonus of the on-going, on-line free regular coaching program The Science of Winning at Golf.

Why not whizz over to The Academy of Winning right now and sign up, before you forget. Think how good it will be to win just about every time you go out to play.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Lowering your scores

There was a fascinating article in my Sunday paper about top Canadian golfer Moe Norman, one of the only two golfers whom Tiger Woods believes 'have truly owned their swings (the other was Ben Hogan).

I didn't know this before but Moe Norman was reckoned by his peers to have been 'the greatest ball-striker of all time'.

Now for the scary bit - Norman reckoned that he hit 1,200 balls per day for 5 years in order to perfect his swing. That is one thousand, two hundred balls per day!

Work it out: that is the equivilent of playing enough shots for 16.6 rounds of golf a day. Or, to put it another way, he was hitting one ball every 24 seconds for a solid 8 hours per day. Or he hit 2.5 balls every minute for an 8 hour day.

I don't know about you but my body couldn't take a beating like that. I'm tired after one round and ready for a hot bath and several cold beers after two rounds.

It's statistics like that which made me think that there has to be an easier way for mere mortals like you and me. That was why I invented The Academy of Winning. The whole point of the Academy is to give ordinary mortals a good chance of winning by using their 'loaf' (mind) rather than their body.

I think this is especially important for us older golfers - don't you.

Check out the Academy at

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Golf Workouts Can Quickly Add Yards To Your Drives

by Mike Pedersen

I’m sure by now you’ve heard most of the professional players; both men and women actively participate in golf workouts. It’s no secret. But why then do most amateur golfers ignore this? Is it because it seems like work? Or, does the thought of actually breaking a sweat get you tired already?

Either way…the proof is in the bag. The number one player in the world, Vijay Singh, does his golf workouts all the way through Sunday of each tournament. Does it look like it’s hurting his game? I don’t think so. Back in 1997, a young, very athletic golfer came on the professional scene and blew everyone away. I think you know who I’m talking about.

Tiger took golf to another level. A real eye-opener for the veteran players who were hitting the 19th hole after every round…and the last thought on their mind was “exercise”. What a wake-up call to be totally dominated by a player who was only 20 years old at the time.

How about the year Annika Sorenstam shot a 59 and totally dominated the LPGA? Do you know what she attributes it to? Golf workouts! She hired a trainer and got serious about her fitness. And look what happened? She hasn’t looked back since. She just recently came out with an instruction book and devoted a chapter to golf workouts.

To my recollection, that’s the first women’s instruction book to include golf workouts. Working out to playing better golf isn’t just for the guys;
Annika has proved that. Now more LPGA players are working out to try and catch her, just like the guys did with Tiger.

How about the senior tour? Now players are realizing they can still make good money, even after they’ve turned 50 and can’t really compete with the young guys anymore. With the money at stake, they too are all working out. This group of players both amateur and pro is the biggest demographic that needs it the most.

With age comes a decline in both flexibility and strength. When the body declines, the swing goes right along with it. The result is a big loss in yardage, more mishits, and ballooning scores. The end result…frustration! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played with and received phone calls from older golfers who are just about ready to quit the game.

They are SO frustrated at this rapid decline, that golf’s not fun anymore. But there is hope. The answer? Get your body moving just a little better. How? By participating in golf workouts that focus on golf-specific strength AND flexibility. It’s amazing to see golfers in this age bracket dramatically improve their driving distance, accuracy and scores.

You don’t have to accept that with age, your body declines. No way! You’ve got to fight it all the way! I’m dead serious. The ones who do, are the ones who are enjoying the game again and taking all the money in their foursome.

What is a golf workout anyways? Is there such a thing? You bet there is. The golf swing is an awkward movement that puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body. To prevent injury and improve swing speed and distance requires your body to be both strong and flexible specific to the swing.

I could spend dozens of pages describing what this entails, but for the sake of this concise article, let’s keep it simple.

The golf swing is a rotational movement, with your body in golf posture. Slight flex of the knees and a bending forward at the hips. Since the golf swing is primarily rotational, wouldn’t it make sense to focus on rotational strength and flexibility? That is improving your turning ability related to range of motion and speed.

So anything involving twisting with resistance such as a medicine ball, a dumbbell, or even a weighted club would work. You need to have a resistance to take your body beyond where it normally goes.

For instance, if you took a club and placed it behind your neck, got in your golf posture and rotated back and forth; do you think that by itself would improve your range of motion or power?

No, you need to add resistance to accomplish this. Take a weighted club and make golf swings. Now you’ll be making a bigger turn AND improving your power. Same thing with a medicine ball. Make turns back and through holding a 4 to 6 pound ball and you’ll see a BIG improvement.

In fact, most of your abdominal work should be rotational. Doing straight crunches won’t improve your driving distance. Doing rotational movements with added weight will. This is where I could go on and on, but I won’t overload you.

I hope I’ve convinced you to take a real serious look at what all the other successful professional players are doing to stay at the top of their game. Doing golf workouts can and will dramatically change your game forever. Now get out there and get it started. No procrastinating. Do it right now!

About author

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is a respected golf fitness expert, and the author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, numerous golf fitness tips and founder of several online golf fitness sites. For more information on his new, cutting-edge golf fitness e-book, go to

How to Win

What's the point of playing sport if you don't want to win? You may try to kid yourself that you're playing for the good of your health or because you enjoy the sport, both of which would probably be true, but the real satisfaction and joy comes from winning.

If you don't believe me just study the attendance stats for a professional sports team which is on a run of poor results and near the bottom of the league table. Teams that win fill stadiums, losing teams empty them. People like to be associated with winning teams. We all like to win, it makes us feel better.

This is about how to win at sport, any sport, but particularly about how to win at golf which is my game.

There are certain actions and thinking patterns which are easy to learn which make a great deal of difference to any golfer’s ability to win. In this article I will take you through the ones that I have found to be most effective.


Can you imagine Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, or Phil Michelson arriving on the first tee without having spent a serious amount of time on the practice fairway to warm up? They also spend time on the putting green and probably check through their equipment with their caddie before they get to the tee.

Serial winners prepare thoroughly. This is a major reason why they win so often. How much time do you devote to your preparation before you go out to play? Let’s face it, most amateurs may take a few practice swings; they may even hit a few putts, if the practice green is conveniently nearby, but it is rare for them to go to the practice fairway before they hit their first drive.

I think that your preparation should start long before you even get to the course. When I am really determined to win I start getting myself mentally ready during my journey to the club. In the car I start to think about how I am feeling that day. If I suspect that my feelings aren’t ‘right’, perhaps I am feeling a bit apprehensive or tetchy, I set about taking charge of my feelings.

There is no point in letting your feelings run away with you – who knows where they will go? And, if you’re not in charge of your feelings you will not play well. It is certain that you will not win. The good news is that your mind can control your feelings if you really want it to. After all, ‘whose feelings are they?’ If you created those feelings then you can also create a whole new set of feelings which will give you a much better chance of winning.

It takes discipline to control your feelings. They often want to escape from your control, but you must not let them escape. You must be firm with yourself. If you find yourself feeling ‘nervous’ you must tell yourself to be ‘calm’. If you’re feeling tense, you must tell yourself to ‘relax.’ You may have to fight for mastery of your feelings but it is a battle worth fighting because if you win that battle you will probably win your round of golf as well.

In fact I believe that most amateur golfers feel a bit shy about preparing too well. We don’t want to appear over keen. But there’s something even worse than that going on in our heads. We don’t want to hit a bad shot and then have others laugh at us and say: “all that time you spent on the practice ground doesn’t seem to have done you much good.”

And, there’s something even worse than that going on in our heads – we don’t want to disappoint ourselves. We don’t want to get ourselves all ‘revved-up’ and then go out and play badly. So we don’t take a chance on the warm up in case it doesn’t work.

Let me suggest a few positive actions you can take in preparation for your round of golf which will help you a lot. They may even help you to win next time you play.

First, make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to get to the golf course. Enjoy the drive and enjoy taking charge of your feelings. Try to arrive at least half an hour before you are due to play. This will give you time to greet a few of your pals, have a drink, change and boot up.

Spend 10 minutes on the golf range or in a golf net. Start with some stretching exercises. Then go through your golf swing in slow motion a couple of times. Hit a few shots concentrating on making a good swing with good tempo. Feel relaxed as you play your practice shots. Concentrate on accuracy rather than distance.

Spend five minutes on the putting green. Start with short putts and gradually make them longer and longer. If you want to win you have got to sink putts. So make sure that you sink the short ones. Even if they’re only a few inches it will help your confidence.Just try to get the long putts within a foot or two of the hole.

Now that you’ve prepared physically and mentally all you need to do is step up to the tee, relax and fire the ball straight down the fairway. This is the first shot on the way to winning.

About the author

About the author: David Ferrers is a respected Performance Coach and the author of countless articles on ‘winning’ and ‘golf’. He invented The Academy of Winning, The Science of Winning at Golf and The 5 Fundamentals of Winning at Golf all of which are available as free downloads from his web site at